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Frequently Asked Questions

If I fail to list an operator or list the correct place of garaging can my Insurance Company deny a claim?

Am I covered by my auto policy if I rent a car?

Will my Insurance Company pay for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts?

Do I need commercial plates if I have lettering on my vehicle?

My auto was declared a total loss following an accident. Is my Company required to give me the replacement cost?

If I have an antique, classic or restored auto what should I do?

How much coverage should I carry on my house?

How do I prove what my personal belongings are after a loss?

My Homeowners Policy contains coverage for specific scheduled items such as jewelry. What happens at the time of a loss?

A rain storm flooded my basement. Is there any coverage under my Homeowners Policy?

What happens if I have a business in my home?

Can my Insurance Company refuse to offer me coverage because of the breed of my dog?